10 Simple DIY Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones

You can gift them a leather jacket, Prada shades or even a diamond ring but all those shenanigans will seem worthless compared to a handmade gift. Yes, handmade gifts feel “Oh! So special” and a loved one will value them more than all the gold and precious stones. It shows that you have put time and effort for them to create something, just to make them happy.
Many people shy away from trying to make the gifts as they feel that they are not “artistic enough” . Don’t worry. Your fretting days are over my friend. We bring to you 10 beautiful and easy to make handmade gifts which will shine brighter than a diamond.

1. Netflix and chill!

Each one of us has a TV series buff friend who would love to marry Netflix if possible. A great gift for them can be hand-designed notebook cover. Don’t worry. You only have to know the art of cut and paste for it. Follow these simple steps-
a. Buy a notebook which has a blank black or white cover.
Search for pictures of the names, famous dialogues and doodles of their favorite shows.
b. Arrange them in a word document and get it printed.
c. Now , cut each part separately, arrange them appropriately on the page and paste them.
d. Cover it with a transparent sheet. (optional)
Viola! Your handmade notebook cover is ready and I assure you, your friend will loooooooove it.

2. Catch those dreams

Dream catchers are funky, trendy and very easy to make. Gift it to someone to help them decorate their room and keep away those bad dreams. You can also make more than one, each in a different style.

3. Sweetness in a jar

Mason jar cakes look crafty, tasty to eat and easy to make. You can make end number of different types of cakes, according to items available and taste. You can also decorate the jar from the outside so that it is preserved with care even after the delicacy is consumed.

4. Wreathe of love

A tea- wreath can be a very useful gift for someone who is a die-hard tea lover and keeps a variety of them. They can easily select their poison for the day from the wreathe without having to hassle their drawer or tea boxes. For the love of tea, make one now.

5. Instacards

Gone are the days when one used to gift a handmade card or brought one from Archies. Why not gift them a box full of Instacards? Yes, these innovative cards is a foolproof gift that will make anyone happy. You just have to do a little stalking on Instagram, print, cut and there you are, with a box of smiles.

6. For the book-lover

Handmade bookmarks make an amazing gift for the book lovers and the best part is that you can make them in any way you want. You can write something funny, draw, stick a picture, use a paper-clip….wooh…endless ideas. And what’s more, they will love it and will always remember you even when they travel to the other world while reading.

7. Tool Incharge

A toolbox is a must in the house, specially for men who can’t keep their screws in the right place :D . Why not make their life easier by gifting them a handmade toolbox. It is easy to make when you have the right equipments and is very useful and handy. You can also decorate it as per your liking. Just watch your favorite man’s face light up when they see this gift.

8. Little bowl of fun

These handmade bowls can be gifted to anyone. You can fill it with something they love such as chocolates, fruits or candies and present it as an excellent gift. The best part about this gift is that you will really enjoy making it and maybe you don’t stop at one. A win-win situation , isn’t it?

9. Pop the Kitchen

Help a loved one revitalize their kitchen by giving their boring dish-towels a pop of colour. It will make their kitchen look more peppy and may even encourage them to gourmet tasty meals for you to savor. Easy to make and with fringe benefits, what more can one ask for?

10. Soap up!

Personalized soaps is a trendy, fun to make gift which will definitely make one happy. You can carve initials, a nickname or anything else you know that the person would like. Wrap it up in a decorative soap box and there you are with a box of great smelling personalized soap brand for a loved one.

All these gifts are universal and can be used in any season and for any reason or occasion. Start making one and see how a little effort by you can change your dear one’s world and make them so happy. Get out of your lazy chair and win their heart, now!!

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