Love, Romance and Nothing Bland- 9 Spicy and innovative Valentines Day celebration ideas for him and her

Ouch! I was still nursing the arrow wound on my heart shot by Cupid when Voila! I suddenly realized that Valentines Day is just a fortnight away. Valentines Day, according to popular legend, is celebrated as the universal day of romance to commemorate the sacrifice of Saint Valentine for the love of people. Hence, it is our duty to celebrate his martyrdom in a romantic , cool and innovative way.
If you are feeling too much pressure in order to adhere to the norms and expectations of this day, don’t worry. You are not alone. Fortunately for you and your partner, we are here to your rescue.

We bring to you 9 out of the box ideas for an awesome Valentines Day with your romantic partner.

1. Little box of Love

Fulfil the sweet cravings of your valentine this year with The Brookie Box cookies. A lovely box full of chocolaty sweetness along with a quirky romantic message will definitely make your valentine's heart skip a beat.

2. Kaho Na Jar Hai

An innovative and kinky way ;) to celebrate your Valentines Day is with this jar of tasks from Happily Unmarried. The jar contains 52 tasks to be done turn-wise by each partner. The kinky part you ask? The first rule, before starting any task, is to take off all your clothes ! Enjoy a level of intimacy like never before, the kinky way!

3. Who let the humans out?

A perfect Valentines Day out for the animal lover couples out there. If you both love the little balls of fur, approach any animal shelter in your city and bond with your 2 legged partner over the 4 legged pals. And don’t forget to donate a few bucks to the animal shelter as a gesture of gratitude and goodwill. A fun and noble day of love!

4. On the house

Avoid all those dressing up hassles, never ending traffic jams and tedious queues by organizing an at home movie date. Rent a projector, set up some mood lights , throw in some pillows, blanket and a big tub of microwave popcorn and you are good to go. Don your chef hat and cook a treat or simply order a pizza and enjoy a cozy Valentine’s Day on the house.

5. Relax! Romance! Repeat!

Experience the ultimate relaxation with your partner by spending a day at a couple spa. Let your bodies relax and feel your souls entwine together in the surreal atmosphere. Can anything be more romantic?

6. Lights, Camera, Love!

Instead of fretting over multiple catalogues for gifts, a heart touching personalized video for your better half can be the ultimate romantic gesture. The video can contain pictures, beautiful background music, re-creation of fond memories and a lovely message in the end. A great way to make their day and your night maybe. ;)
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7. The Christian Grey Way

Make your girl squeal with joy by celebrating this 14th February in the style of almost every girl’s ideal boyfriend. Decorate the room with flowers ,red heart shaped balloons , mood lights and bend down on your knees with a box of chocolates. Quite cheesy but foolproof way to take your girl to the cloud 9 of love and romance .

8. Shoot ‘em all

Instead of becoming all mushy in love and romance , enjoy this Valentines Day in an innovative and enjoyable way by challenging each other in paintball. This may also serve as a great way to know about the unseen attributes of your partner. You can also invite your friends for the game and spread the love!

9. P.S. I Love You

If you have been together for more than a year, nothing can be more beautiful and romantic than “Letters To My Lover”. You can use the crafty parched papers if you wish to be extra creative and pour your heart out in your words, describing every feeling, moment and thoughts which come to your mind regarding your love and relationship. You can write as many letters as you want and insert each in separate envelopes. Each letter can have a specific theme such as first date, cutest habits, most memorable times, etc. In order to add to the romance and surprise element, you can actually have those letters delivered, say one letter each day of the Valentines Week, and deliver the last one yourself with chocolates. Level of romance – Too sweet to handle!

Now that you have read the best ideas for Valentines Day celebrations, what are you waiting for? Rush to prepare for the special day and love them like you do!

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